Early Childhood Education Zone was created to be an informative and useful tool to those that are involved with the education of young children. Whether you are a teacher looking for new and critical ways to increase the level of learning in your classroom, a parent who is looking for guidance and advice on support at home, ECE Zone is your go-to site for early childhood education news.

Meet our Editor

Mia Owen

As a full-time preschool teacher and busy wife & mom, I found myself spending an enormous amount of time searching for new classroom ideas, crafts & supermom hacks. I finally decided to take my college experience, 10+ years in the classroom and proven mom-chaos skills, to provide the ultimate resource site and share with my fellow Pinterest loving teachers and moms.

I’m just like you, a busy professional with family commitments, volunteer to-do lists and tired of spending my time on searching for work ideas. (I want to Pinterest dream vacations, shiplap, and wine pairings…let’s be real!)

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