Early Childhood Education Zone was created to be an informative and useful tool to those that are involved with the education of young children. Whether you are a teacher looking for new and critical ways to increase the level of learning in your classroom, a parent who is looking for guidance and advice on support at home, ECE Zone is your go-to site for early childhood education news.

Meet our Editors

Heather ~ 2nd Grade Teacher

Growing up I never imagined I’d be teaching in the same school district where I was a student. In fact I first followed my love of art and design. I graduated from Ohio University with a graphic design degree but while I love design I realized it wasn’t where my passion was. I went back to Ashland University and received my degree in education. Since then I have added a reading endorsement. Growing up the daughter of a teacher I always had a strong sense of the importance of teaching others. Becoming a teacher has given me the opportunity to try to inspire others, to love learning not just the students in my classroom but also other teachers I work with.

I am currently in my 11th year at the same elementary school. Two of those years were spent in third grade and the rest have been in second grade. I also spent a year at a private school teaching kindergarten. I truly look forward to my days and know that no two will ever be the same.

Sara ~ Parent Resource

It doesn’t matter what your day consists of, if children are in the mix, no day is the same!

For me, as a full-time working parent, wife, mom, sister, you name it, I’m busy! There’s no two ways around it. With that said, the education that my girls are receiving is a top priority for me. My work here at ECE Zone, allows me to assist readers with quality pieces that are informative and offer some peace for parents. We are dedicated to creating a great site that highlights struggles, concerns and positive awareness on issues that you encounter everyday as a parent and educator. This content allows me to see their classroom from another perspective and allows me to support them in new and exciting ways.

Welcome to ECE Zone! We are happy to have you.