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The 20 Best Online Early Childhood Education Bachelors Degree Programs


ecez-badge-20ecebachprogramsEarly Childhood Education Zone rates schools using the following criteria:

Estimated Cost of Program (60%)
Degree Recognition (15%)
Completion Rate (10%)
Post-graduate Earnings (10%)
Student Reviews (5%)

Our methodology is heavily sensitive to cost and less sensitive to earnings. Based on the relatively low variability of salaries for any given degree level, we conclude that program costs are a much bigger factor in predicting return on investment.

Degree recognition is based on US News and World Report’s education-specific rankings, accreditation profile, and based on criteria outlined by employers in a Wall Street Journal study of most job-friendly universities.

Post-graduate earnings are based on publicly available data from Payscale.com. Data is collected, then adjusted to a quotient of average earnings across all majors, then multiplied by average earnings for early childhood educators. Where sufficient data was not available, earnings rating was omitted and all other criteria were adjusted accordingly.

1.) Fort Hays State

If you’re interested in getting your her Bachelors of Science in early childhood education, make sure to check out Fort Hays State University. Students can learn about babies through early childhood up to the age of 8 years old, as they help to develop their young minds, and focus on getting them ready for preschool and grade school. The school also is noted for placing 16th on the US News and World Reports best online bachelors degree programs. Note that if you’re in-state, tuition is about $4,500, while it’s about $13,000 for out of state residents. With scholarship programs available, make sure to check with them early.

2.) Florida International

Florida International offers and online early education program that can help students to fast-track their way to their Bachelors of Science in no time. As the need for teachers continues to grow, the need for teachers who can help with preschool school age children is growing as well. Learn how to build young minds, as you study 120 credits and take classes like childhood education, nutrition, and helping kids to learn to read and study basic math. This is noted as one of the most valuable schools that have an online program, as well as being one of the top 15 cheap online bachelors in childhood development programs.

3.) University of Cincinnati

Located in Cincinnati Ohio, & accredited with the Ohio Department of Education, you can get your Bachelors of Science in early childhood education and human development here with 120 credits. You can take single courses or renew your license at this school. Focus on early language development, and helping to ensure that children learn how to read and to write as they prepare for preschool. Your focus will be on working with newborns to children up to the age of 5 years old, or you can work with preschool age children. Another area to consider is their administration program. Please note that obtaining your BS here will not include licensing for public schools.

4.) Kansas State University

Ready for a great online learning program where you can work with babies up to age 8 years of age? Make sure to check out Kaplan University, based out of Manhattan, Kansas. You want to check out this great school where you can graduate with your bachelors in early childhood development and eventually work with parents in community agencies, at Head Start programs, day care programs or after school care. If you’re looking for great tips and pointers, consider this. If you have a military background, they offer reduced tuition. Course work includes nutrition and health, children’s literacy, and introduction to childhood education.

5.) Park University

Located in Parksville, Missouri, Park University is a non-profit, accredited school that offers tuition discounts for the military and can help students to achieve their Bachelors of Science in early childhood development. Students learn to mold young minds as they prepare for work in an ECE field, The coursework will include childhood development, nutrition and reading tools for kids. 120 credits are required to graduate. Be sure to check with the school as some life experience can be substituted for credits. As teachers with advanced degrees are ready to help you to learn all that you need, this school is accredited with the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

6.) Western Governors University

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, students can study at Western Governors University and earn their Bachelor’s of Arts degree in early childhood education with 120 credits required to graduate. Accredited through the National Council for Accreditation Teacher Education, students can take great classes like child care development, and help a young minds to learn and to grasp tools like reading and math as they enter preschool and grade school. As they have specific entry requirements, it’s best check with an enrollment counselor ahead of time as students may be required to complete a portfolio or capstone. Ask about transferring credits in, as well as transcript analysis which may help you meet your degree requirements.

7.) Ashworth College

Interested in getting your CDA or child development associate credential, why not do it at Ashworth College? You can start for $29 with your completed application! Located in Norcross, Georgia, Ashworth College is accredited through the Distance Education and Training Council. This for-profit school helps students become childhood educators. Students can graduate after 120 credits, with their Bachelors of Science in early childhood education. Need to stretch out your pacing? You can do it here where you can actually take coursework one single semester at a time. Focus can be on childhood development, helping children to learn and acclimate as they go from preschool to grade school and other nurturing courses like nutrition and learning to read.

8.) Ashford University

Are you interested in getting your Bachelors of Arts in early childhood education? You can do it at Ashford University. Requiring 120 credits to graduate, while it’s noted that you can transfer up to 90-credits toward your Bachelor’s of Arts, students must achieve 30 upper division credits ON SITE at the school. Make sure you take note of this when applying as it is a requirement, even if you live out of state. If you’ve always dreamed of helping young children to grow and learn, then consider taking classes here in child development and infant and toddler care. Located in San Diego California, the school is accredited with the North Central Association.

9.) UMass Online

Accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools, UMass Online happens to be listed as one of the best colleges offering an online education. After completing a 120 credit degree program, you will have your Bachelors of Arts in areas like childhood development, and early care and education for children. Apply early for scholarships through UMass UWW. This school offers flexible hours and study, you can transfer credits in, and also find out about their transfer program that allows for lifetime experience to contribute to credit hours.With your BA from UMass, you can work as a pre-school care provider or help with after-school programs.

10.) Aspen University

Located in Denver, Colorado, Aspen University is an accredited program through the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. Students can earn their Bachelor’s of Science in early childhood education here, with 120 credits to graduate. As work is focused on studying childhood development, students can expect an amazing career working with preschool aged children or babies as their studies will make them a strong early childhood educator and they can find work as a daycare or childcare worker, or even work as a director for a preschool. Students at this school working towards their BS will be able to receive their CDA credential, or child development associate.

11.) Vanguard University of Southern California

Located in the beautiful Costa Mesa, California region, Vanguard University of Southern California is an accredited school. Previously known as Southern California Bible College, students can get their Bachelors of Science in early childhood education here and focus on a future career as an ECE. They teach and train young minds learning tools such as nutrition and learning to read as they prepare them to go into preschool or elementary school. Vanguard University of Southern California is accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Consider studying at this Christian based school today. With intimate classroom atmospheres, students have a personalized experience with their professors.

12.) Liberty University

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University offers an online bachelors of science program, students can study for early childhood education at the school and graduate with 120 credit hours. Check with this Christian based school if you are transferring credits over from another school as this may lower the amount of credits that you need before graduation. You can transfer in credits from your CDA, or Child Development Associate, CCDE, or Christian Childhood Development Education, and PAC, or Preschool Associate Credential. Students can expect to study childhood development, nutrition and ways to help young children read and understand basic math as they prepare for preschool.

13.) Granite State College

Located in Concord, New Hampshire, Granite State College’s program is accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children. You can get your Bachelor’s of Science here with 120 credits while focusing on early childhood education and development. Students can work on an array of different subjects including understanding basic teaching methodologies and ways that they can better and more efficiently work with children, infants and babies to help them learn and understand brain behaviors and retention. You will have to prepare a portfolio before you graduate, but know that you can work as a special education teacher or work in the training and development field as a child care provider upon graduation.

14.) Brandman University

Set in Irvine California, Brandman University is accredited with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and works to follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children.. The school can help students to get there Bachelors of Arts in childhood education focus on childhood teaching and methodologies. After completing your degree requirements and 120 credits, students can work with age groups from birth up the 8 years of age. As they offer a capstone program and this is a military friendly school, look for discounted tuition and this can also help to ensure that you’re able to study in the ECE field of your choice.

15.) Kaplan University

Located in Davenport Iowa, Kaplan University is an accredited school that requires 33 core credits and 180 total credits to graduate. Please be sure to note this when registering. Flexible scheduling ensures that students have the time they need to prepare for class. For example, spring semester start dates can be in February, March or April. At Kaplan University, programs focus on childhood development and childhood growth with coursework geared around learning plans and nutrition for kids. Students can graduate with a Bachelors of Science and expect a rewarding career as an ECE in day care centers, after school programs or in administration helping educators.

16.) Southwestern College

Located in Winfield, Kansas, Southwestern College is accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. It helps students obtain their Bachelors of Science in early childhood education. This private school is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and students can learn to work with children from infancy to early grade school through the age of 8 years old. Note that students will need 3 years of work related experience for entry into the program. Requirements include 124 credits to graduate and 30 credits have to have a grade of C or higher. Because they are partnered with neighboring schools and daycare centers, expect help with work placement and a segue to get you into a daycare or after school care program.

17.) Grand Canyon University

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Grand Canyon University is accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. Students can study for their Bachelors of Science in early childhood education here, as they learn about childhood development, and areas where they can work in include fields such as an ECE, day care worker or teacher to help shape young minds. Coursework can lead to a teacher’s license. Program requirements will focus on birth to age 5 years of age / preschool and then age 5 years of age / preschool to age 8 years old / grade school. With 120 credits to graduate, class sizes are intimate and start often.

18.) Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College offers a non-licensed early childhood education program where students can get a bachelor’s degree. The school also offers scholarships for students to enroll, so make sure to check with their financial aid office early. They also offer additional discounts to the military, so even if you get deployed, you can still complete your coursework online while you are away. They also offer corporate discounts, so check with your company or through the school directly to see if you can apply for this discount. Coursework will help students to have a hands-on approach as they study early childhood development, and learn to work with special needs kids and families that need special attention.

19.) Kendall College

Kendall College, based out of Illinois, is accredited with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Students studying in this particular program should note that it will take 180 credits to graduate. With that in mind, you can walk away with her Bachelors of Science in early childhood education from this school that ranks in the top 25 online early childhood educational courses. As you helped mold in shape young minds, expect to work with infants, babies, and young preschoolers and have a rewarding career as an ECE. They recommend fieldwork and have programs in place to help people get work through the Chicago school system.

20.) Brenau University

One of the best online programs, students with 120 credits can graduate with their Bachelors of Science in early childhood education. Brenau University offers some of the best classes in early childhood development and students can expect to find a rewarding career guiding young minds as they prepare for kindergarten and grade school. The focus of the work will have the students geared up to work with babies up 5 years of age. Students who do their studies here have to pass the Teaching Field Content Exam and must adhere to a grade of C or higher. Your concentration here can lead to your certification in Georgia through the Georgia Professional Standards Association.