The Top 10 Reasons to Join Your Child’s PTO


Though many parents are short on time, they still have a strong desire to become engaged not only in their student’s education, but also in their environment at school. Perhaps the single best way to make this happen is to join the PTO, which has traditional stood for Parent Teacher Organization. As its name implies, the PTO is concerned primarily with connecting teachers and parents so that they can better discuss the nature of their child’s education, the benefits and challenges facing the school district, and how volunteer efforts or any level of involvement might benefit all stakeholders in a dramatic, dynamic way.

Many parents know of the PTO, but they’re still on the fence about whether or not to join the organization and dedicate some amount of time to it. With many households relying on dual incomes and plenty of time spent at the office, it can seem as if there just isn’t any time to spare for involvement in this way. There are, however, plenty of reasons to join and plenty of opportunities even for the most time-constrained parents in a given school district. The top ten reasons to join range from academic benefits to personal fulfillment and beyond.

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Why Every Preschool Teacher Should Play With LEGOs


Legos have long enjoyed widespread adoption in the home, largely serving as a creative outlet for children after they arrive home from preschool or elementary school. In an educational context, people are perhaps most familiar with massive Lego competitions that take place in high schools and in engineering programs at the college level. These building blocks, however, can also serve as a fundamental part of early childhood education. Their ability to be manipulated, to leverage the power of colors, sizes, and structures, and to engage the creative mind, allows for unique instructional capabilities that more effectively teach educational concepts to those under the age of eight. For those who are wondering exactly how this works, consider a few of the most common implementations and ideas being put to work by today’s educators.

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