How to become an Intervention Specialist


Early childhood intervention specialists work with very young children and their parents to provide assistance to those with delayed development. The children who receive the services of early childhood intervention specialists tend to have more severe developmental delays when compared to those whose problems are identified later on.

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How much do Early Childhood Educators Earn?


Early Childhood Education (ECE) is increasingly being recognized as a national asset. Studies have shown long term positive effects of quality preschool programs: as adults, preschool attendees stay in school longer, earn more, and lead more stable lives in terms of home ownership and longer marriages. Other studies have shown that preschool education produces positive effects on children’s learning and development. The national government has acted to support preschool education by funding prekindergarten programs for low-income families.

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How do I become a Children’s Curriculum Developer?


A curriculum developer aids teachers by preparing them in the most recent techniques and educational approaches. They evaluate and revise curricula to keep current with up-to-the-minute technology and state and federal guidelines. Their curriculum development obligations demand them to travel to various schools to study teachers and to provide trainings. Their daily schedules carry out standard year-round operating hours. Because they work directly with teachers, it will be beneficial when they have excellent interpersonal communicators and if they have a teaching history.

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How do I become a Children’s Software Developer?

Technology is not just an important part of modern adult life, but a crucial part of education as well. Children must be prepared to succeed in a world where technology is an integral part of their careers and their daily existences. Schools are using technology in an ever-expanding range of ways, including standardized testing, communicating with parents, tracking student progress, and daily classroom learning. Children’s software developers develop games, application, and other software programs for children. These products help children to learn and grow to be successful adults.

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The Top 15 Education Conferences of 2015


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Attention teachers, faculty and parents: If you are looking for some amazing conferences to attend this school year, look no further. Below is our top 15 education conference choices from around the country. From reading intervention, pre-school classrooms and even new and innovative technology ideas, check out these 15 can’t miss conferences.

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