What is Whole Brain Teaching?


As the modern educational system flounders deeper every year, it doesn’t take long for new teachers to become disenchanted with the red-tape rigmarole that is modern education. Even more, the age-old problems of classroom management are compounded by ever-increasing mandates to abstain from intrusive discipline measures.

With corporal punishment largely viewed as a dusty relic from a barbaric age, many teachers are even being discouraged from withholding recess as a punishment. The climbing rates of children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and autism add even more curveballs to the learning game.

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How to Build Your Education-Based Resume in Today’s Job Market


In today’s job market, there are few professions that offer a good wage while also sporting a high rate of job fulfillment. One of those professions is the field of Early Childhood Education. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of your students finally grasp a concept that caused them to struggle. With more and more parents enrolling their children in preschool, it is also a growing field. Career options include teaching in a preschool or child care center.

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