The Best Engineering Toys for Kids

Engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States, but it can be hard to get children excited about it. The amount of math and science can be overwhelming for them. These engineering toys were specifically chosen because they are challenging but fun at the same time. The end result of most of these sets is to build a toy that they can play with, so it will be a rewarding experience for them. If you’re lucky they won’t notice that they are improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also learning about engineering at the same time.

The prices of each of these engineering toys vary but your children will learn and improve their engineering skills with every single one of these kits. We looked for award-winning toys that have been highly recommended by parents and teachers around the country. Do your children a favor and pick one of these engineering toys, who knows they might find their passion.

10. Snap Circuits Light Electronics Exploration Kit

This kit is recommended for kids eight years of age or older. This kit will introduce your child to building circuits, devices, and fiber optics. There are 175 projects that your kids will be able to create using 55 color-coded circuit components. Each design is full of color and light. Your kids will learn a lot about how each piece works together to make one of the many unique designs. After your child makes their creation they will be able to plug it into their phone to see how the circuits work.

9. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar

This engineering kit is recommended for children ages 3 through 6 years of age. Your child will be able to press different buttons and turn different dials to code a path for the caterpillar. There are over 1,000 different possible combinations that your child will program, so they will be able to enjoy this toy for a long time. The caterpillar has eyes that light up and makes all kinds of noises, so it is sure to keep a young child entertained while they learn about coding at the same time.

8. IQ Builder STEM Learning Toys

This kit comes with three different instructional Ebooks that increase in difficulty as your child learn more about building. The three levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced so this set will be able to grow with your child. This kit was designed to help build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through building different geometric shapes and complex models. It will help strengthen the cognitive function of your child’s brain through manipulating and creating each unique design. This kit is perfect for a child that loves hands-on learning and tinkering with small pieces to build complex and unique designs.

7. Thames & Kosmos Kids First Intro to Engineering Kit

This kit comes with 25 exciting experiments. These activities will help your child understand some of the skills that engineers use to build all kinds of amazing inventions. Your child will also be able to build some pretty cool items such as a helicopter, parachute, a balloons rocket and so many more unique designs. This kit is perfect for child that love to build things by following simple directions.

6. Green Science Solar Rover Kit

This set uses a recycled can to build a rover that is operated on solar power. Your child will be able to learn about eco engineering and how they can use recycled pieces to make amazing things. This kit is perfect for kids that like learning about building machines that run off of solar energy. The directions are pretty simple and there are not that many pieces which makes this set easier than some of the others on this list. Your child really will enjoy play with this awesome pop can rover.

5. National Geographic DaVinci’s DIY Science & Engineering Construction Kit

What child wouldn’t have fun building their own crossbow, cannon or catapult? This set will teach your child how to build these complex machines with the help of simple instructions. If built properly they will then be able to launch items up to 15 feet. Each piece was carefully handcrafted out of wood, so these machines will be very sturdy and will keep your child entertained for a long time. This kit is aimed towards older kids because the machines shoot projectiles.

4. DISCOVERY Kids Mindblown STEM 12 – in – 1 Solar Robot Creation 190 Piece Kit

This kit will let your child build a robot from the 12 different design options with the 190 pieces that are provided. There is so much freedom with this kit because it allows your child to look through the blueprints and decide which design they like the best. This interactive set will engage your child and help them use their logic to follow the blueprints and fit the pieces together. They will learn about solar power and how it works because each of the robots are able to run without batteries due to their use of solar power. This kit was designed with little hands in mind, so all of the pieces will be easy for them to work with.

3. Meccano Meccasaur

This set is perfect for the dinosaur lover in your family. With this amazing engineering set your child will be able to build their own dinosaur that is actually battery powered. The dinosaur makes sounds and stomps around the room. This T Rex can even be programmed to interact when pet and responds to yes or no questions. Your child will learn about following directions by figuring out where each piece goes. This set is best suited for kids ages 10 and up.

2. Tinkering Labs Electronic Motors Catalyst, Robotics Stem Kit

This set will allow your child to learn more about engineering and tinkering while they put together this set. There are more than 50 pieces for them to create with. There are challenge cards with different ideas for your child to build if they don’t have any ideas of their own. One of the challenge cards says, “create a vehicle with a suspension system” and then your child can come up with their own idea of what that might look like. This set will help your child use their imagination to learn more about engineering and problem solving.

1. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit

Who doesn’t love creating things with Legos? This award-winning kit will teach your kids about building robots and programming them to do different things. Your kids will learn how to put together 847 pieces to build a robot that stands about 10 inches tall. Your child will need access to a phone or tablet to help them put the robot together using the free app found in the app store. The really cool part about this set is that it goes along with Lego city, scout truck or Lego Ninjago so your kids will be able to see their creation come to life.