The 15 Best Online Preschool Games

Looking to add some excitement into your learning routine for your kids? Ever considered online games? Filled with fun characters and animation, these games can not only keep your young one busy, they can teach them in fun and interactive ways to make learning an enjoyable experience. This in a great way to introduce your preschooler to the computer. They can obtain skills for reading, math, languages, and even social sciences and music. From making friends to learning how to button a shirt, these interactive games can help your young one become a well-rounded individual. Teach them how to paint like Picasso, travel the world like Fernando, or become a future philanthropist. Let their imaginations soar with the help of online games.​

15. Fungooms

Offers games for babies, toddlers and preschool children. They have interactive books that parents can read while the kids can turn the pages. With colorful, fun animation and cute stories, kids will be amazed. There are games for building, and that are ideal for hand- eye coordination. Lastly, there are videos of their animated stories.

14. Aven's Corner

For very early starters that might not be quite acclimated to the computer, Aven’s corner offers simple, fun games that are easy to understand and catch on to. Games such as popping balloons and counting are just enough to teach kids how to use the computer while learning a new skill.

13. Poisson Rouge

Poisson Rouge is a website that teaches kids how to learn intuitively. The games have no instructions, but forces kids to learn by clicking the mouse. There are a few instructions in English and French on the website. You can register for free and all content is available free of charge. This website also accepts donations.

12. Playhouse Disney

Playhouse Disney is an interactive website with games that feature Mickey and many more from the Playhouse Disney gang. There are games and a plethora of activities from making place mats, creative crafts that spark creativity and imagination, coloring pages, pages with marbles, and the list goes on. There is a video section with real life morals in their endings to teach kids about human emotion and empathy. For adults, there is a section with blogs, apps, recipes, and printables.

11. Treehouse TV

Treehouse TV ias a  site has both fun and educational games for preschoolers. The kids can click on their favorite characters and choose a game or printable worksheet. Games are categorized by level, ranging from easy to medium to hard. There is also a section for videos with their favorite characters.

National Geographic for kids - is full of puzzles and brain games that help give your kids an educational advantage. During their down time, you can play a brain game with bugs and animals and create lessons around these themes. There are also memory games, videos, pages for writing letters and creating persuasion. Even for pre-k, this is an excellent way to enter into the real world with the help of parents.

9. Sprout Online

is a great program for both students and parents. It is full of games with characters from Sesame Street and Barney and Friends. There are arts and crafts for parents and kids to do together and a community section for parents who want to share ideas. There are videos and games that are categorized by TV shows. This is also a great place to find television programs that will aid in your child’s educational development.

8. Abc Mouse 

ABCMouse offers kids the autonomy of learning without the perpetual supervision of their parents. Ranging from ages two through eight, students can enjoy lessons in reading, science, math arts and crafts. There are ten levels filled with incentives and rewards, and after signing up, the students are guided through the levels. After completing a level, they are automatically guided to the next level. Parents love that their kids can get additional learning at home that is delivered in a sequence.

7. IXL

IXL is an online game website that is aligned with the common core state standards. Teachers and parents use this site to tutor students on subjects that they can’t quite grasp while in the classroom. These supplemental games offer prizes at the end of each section, with the incentive of earning even bigger and better ones! There are games ranging from pre-k level to grade 12, with subjects including Social Studies, Math, Science and Language Arts. Parents laud the fact that their kid's learning was extended and improved by these games.

6. Jump Start 

is the perfect place for preschoolers to get a jump start on life. The main area of the site is an online virtual world called Story Land. This land is filled with pre-reading, early math, social science and music skills. Available on android and ios, these games introduce kids to real life activities such as grocery shopping and adopting and caring for a pet. Parents can teach kids how to be responsible for making the commitment of adding a pet to the family. is a great place to start at home. It is good for teaching kids how to use technology while they learn the basics of math and science. For those with the extra time, there is a place to create lesson plans, with supplemental worksheets, stories, games, activities, and songs. New games are added periodically, and when students master the pre-k levels, they can advance to the kindergarten level games. There are even teaching tools and guided lesson plans. Parents can access these materials for free or join a premium membership.

4. Nick JR. 

NickJR. com is a fun-filled site that can transport your child into the world of their favorite cartoon characters. While not outlined with themes for learning, these games are loaded with educational objectives that will keep your kids busy and entertained. There are games and videos and also a section for parents with ideas for trips, recipes and activities. There are even health tips and how to videos.

3. Funbrain Games

Funbrain games is another tool that is lauded by teachers everywhere. Students love this site so much that teachers often use it as an incentive for getting their work done correctly and on time. This site is a gem that is filled with math and reading games ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade. Although there is not a tab for pre-k, the games listed under kindergarten are for pre-k students too. There are also games for learning colors and some just for having fun.

2. PBS Kids 

Where else should you look to educate kids other than the home of Sesame Street. PBS Kids online games provide games that star the characters of your kid's favorite program. There are games for Dragon Tales and Sid the Science Kid, along with several other shows. One of the best parts of using is the incentive program. After they finish a round of their game, they can earn a picture to show their accomplishment to their friends and families. Parents and teachers can even use these as an incentive to get even greater prizes! is a reading program that is available for free online. It has been honored by teachers and homeschoolers all around the globe. It has four levels ranging from, ABC’s, Learn to Read, It’s fun to Read and I’m Reading. There is a sequence of games and activities ranging from small tales to plays and comics. Students learn letter sounds, blended sounds, vowels and consonants. The materials list learning objectives next to the book of each lesson, so, you can accentuate the skill or complement it with another skill for comprehensive learning. Starfall also has an online store where you can purchase paraphernalia and supplemental materials. Parents say that they enjoy the balance of learning and incentives.