The 20 Best Phonics Songs

Music is a powerful methodology for everyday life. Certain songs incite memories, emotions, and spiritual balance. It can also be one of the most beneficial models for teaching phonics during early childhood. Songs, rhymes, and other mnemonic devices are the most memorable for the human brain and allow children to naturally internalize sounds and concepts … Read more

Best Apps for Kindergarteners

Introducing technology to young children may give them an advantage later in life. While the image of a child playing on a tablet computer all day long can rub people the wrong way, it doesn’t have to be only about frivolous fun and games. When used correctly, learning apps can give preschoolers and kindergarteners a great … Read more

The Best Software for Early Childhood Education Classrooms

Early childhood education (ECE) today is seeing an increase in technology as a part of the classroom integration. With innovations in technology and software today, it’s only sensible that it gets introduced to classrooms for young children starting at a very early age. In order to prepare them for the devices they must handle in their near future such as laptops, desktops, tablet devices and mobile phones, these tools get introduced to them starting inside classrooms. Technology, however, isn’t just for teaching children how to use them. ECE is seeing the benefits of software tools that are great for learning. The laptops and touch screens get students involved in interactive educational games for developing skills in math, reading, typing, day-to-day tasks and positive reinforcement for good behavior. Studies have shown improvement in these subjects as well as a keen level of adjustment to these technological introductions in classrooms. They’re developing advanced cognitive skills as well as interaction skills with the help of technology inside classrooms. Below are some software suggestions for ECE classrooms today.

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Our Guide to Making a Great Classroom Website

As a teacher, you want to engage students and inspire learning. Since teaching has existed, teachers have looked for ways to inspire children to want to learn. Teachers want to take advantage of all resources to equip students to reach their learning potential. Developing a website classroom is a step in the right direction in today’s world. Everything is online and adding this layer of portal learning that your students can relate to and possibly embrace this style of learning as it relates to the current relationship students have with computer devices.

Knowing what you want to achieve with your classroom website is an important question you should have answered before you begin building your site. This curriculum will help you bring resources and tools that express your lesson plan so teachers, parents, and students know what to expect from learning online. It is another tool that should exist in today’s classrooms as we live and interact more with technology. Check out other teachers’ websites to get ideas and learn what was successful for them and what were epic failures. Make a point to consider the following as you build your web classroom:

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Summer Jobs for Teachers

There’s a common misconception that teachers spend their entire summer vacation lounging by a pool. The reality is plenty of teachers pick up a summer job to keep their income flowing. Your best bet is to play to your strengths. As someone who specializes in early childhood education, you are well-positioned for several types of summer jobs.


summer jobs for teachers lifeguardIf you’re a strong swimmer, then becoming a lifeguard is a great summer job. These jobs are always available, as every apartment and condo complex in your town needs a lifeguard. Your days essentially consist of keeping your eyes on the pool, especially when swimmers are in deep water. If the pool isn’t busy, then you get paid to lounge by the pool. The pay usually ranges between $12 and $15 per hour depending on your experience.

The only catch with becoming a lifeguard is it requires certification. The certification class involves a distance swimming test, as well as a test where you rescue a dummy from deep water and swim it back to safety. The other part of your certification involves CPR and basic First Aid practices. The swimming test is pretty tough, so you are better off picking something else if swimming isn’t your strong suit.

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What is Troops to Teachers?

troops to teachersWith nearly two hundred thousand military service people leaving the armed forces every year, there is a great need to provide these deserving men and women with rewarding and high-quality jobs. At the same time, many of our nation’s schools are challenged to meet the needs of children living in poverty, subjected to life in areas with high crime and often being raised in single parent households. There is a great discrepancy left by the unmet needs of both of these populations.

That is where Troops to Teachers comes in. Troops to Teachers (TTT) is a Department of Defense program, managed by DANTES, that helps current and former service members find new careers as public school teachers. Troops to Teachers provides them with an opportunity to use the leadership skills, knowledge and experience they gained in the armed forces to positively affect the lives of students.

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