The 10 Best Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

We have the perfect list of DIY Halloween costumes that are simple to make if your kids get invited to any last-minute parties. It can be hard to find a costume that they love in the store, so we have found some easy ideas to make at home with stuff you have lying around. We have provided images to help inspire you to recreate these iconic looks. 

10. Thing 1

This is a classic Halloween costume that is pretty simple to make. All you need is a red t-shirt and a white sheet of paper. You write thing one on the paper and cut it into a circle. You can add a blue wig from a previous costume or even put on a blue hat as a substitute. It doesn’t matter what they wear on the bottom, which is a bonus. This costume is simple and can easily be made for multiple children as a last-minute idea. 

9. Superman/Clark Kent 

 Your kids will look super in no time with this awesome Superman costume. Your child can pop on a superman t-shirt with a white button-up overtop paired with glasses if they are going for the Clark Kent changing into superman look. A superman t-shirt is also an option if they want to look like superman. 

8. Artist

This is a fun idea for any art lover. All you need is an apron. You can splatter paint on it for an added detail. You could also turn this costume into Bob Ross if you have a spare afro wig laying around for a previous costume. You can also make a pallet out of an old cardboard box. 

7. Ladybug

Your children will score all kinds of candy in this lucky ladybug costume. All you need is a piece of red clothing and black paper or felt. Cut out circles and attach them with glue. You can add pipe cleaners to a headband to add antennas. 

6. Kermit the Frog

All you need is a green shirt, and green felt or paper. You can cut out that iconic pattern and glue it to the neck of the shirt. You could add his eyes onto a green headband to add more of that classic Kermit the Frog look. Or you could use a green hoodie and glue the eyes to the top of the hood for the same effect. 

5. Bumble Bee

This cute costume will have your little one buzzing with excitement. If your child has a yellow shirt in their closet, they can put that on, and you can tape or glue black strips of paper on it to make it look like a bee. You can add a stinger in the back for added detail. Add antennas onto a headband using pipe cleaners. 

4. Where’s Waldo

All you need to make this costume is a red and white striped shirt and jeans. If you have an old pair of glasses lying around, your little one can pop those on, but if you don’t, you can always make some out of pipe cleaners. 

3. Skeleton

This is a cool costume that can be made in a few different ways. You can put a black shirt over a white shirt and cut out a skeleton design using a pattern found online. You can also paint the skeleton on a black shirt with white fabric paint. You can also add face paint to add extra spooky detail to this excellent design.  

2. Nerd

This is a classic take on the outdated idea of what a nerd looks like. You can use an old pair of glasses and put tape on the nose piece and dress your little one in a sweater vest or button-up shirt. 

1. Emoji

Emojis are very popular, so why not dress your little one up as their favorite emoji? All you need is a yellow shirt and a marker. You can let them draw their own, or you can help them out with a little paint or a marker. You can also cut out a circle from a box and paint that if they don’t have a yellow shirt that they want to use.