20 Must Follow Pinterest Accounts for Preschool Teachers

There is a wealth of information and resources available for Preschool teachers on Pinterest. After taking the time to search everything preschool on Pinterest, I’ve composed a list of 20 great Pinterest accounts to follow along with a link to a cool pin to start with. Early childhood educators and even parents can benefit from these excellent accounts from pinners who are all about Pre-K. You’ll find interesting pins from skilled school teachers, educational organizations and from dedicated parents who devote their time to sharing information with others.

20. ABCMouse.com Pinterest Account

This online early learning academy offers a full curriculum that any preschool teacher or parent can appreciate. Many of the boards on this Pinterest account contain links to what you would actually view within the curriculum itself. The pins give you a good taste of what the site has to offer including links to age appropriate songs, animated stories, puzzles and games. There are also helpful tips for organizing the classroom and great teaching tools to make learning phonics fun for preschoolers. In addition, you’ll find tons of craft ideas. The crafts range from holiday themed to seasonal concepts.

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19. In Lieu of Preschool & Parent Teach Play Pinterest account

Here’s a stay at home mom who is on top of everything preschool and has devoted her time to share her ideas and resources with other moms and teachers. As a former educator herself, she has a lot to offer and thousands of pins to share. Through the use of several boards, she covers a lot of topics, including sensory play, gross motor skills, creative craft ideas, math and science projects and much, much more. There is even a board full of YouTube videos just for preschoolers.

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18. Early Child Montessori Pinterest Account

This Pinterest account gives you a lot of information about the Montessori philosophy and teaching style. This is a good one for those who prefer this method. There are a few boards that are dedicated for organizing the classroom to fit the Montessori classroom environment. There is also a board that has information regarding special needs and behavioral and cognitive development.

You’ll find resources that help students develop math concepts, literacy and fine motor skills. There are also boards that give you additional ideas for crafts, snack time, music and art. Some of the art and music projects also focus on geography.

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17. Fleming College Early Childhood Education

There are a variety of resources available through this Pinterest account ranging from crafts and games to healthy snack ideas. You’ll particularly find the collection of boards helpful if you are in exploration of outdoor activities for your preschoolers. The primary focus of Fleming College Early Childhood Education is to direct children in natural play and develop their sensory skills.

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16. Preschool Wonders Pinterest Account

With over 400 pins, you’ll have plenty of ideas to bring to the classroom. All of the activities are geared toward those who work with preschoolers. One of the boards focuses on creative things to do during circle time. Group songs, games and tips for teachers is exceptional helpful. Most of all, there are some very creative concepts that make learning simple and fun. There are also a few links to download printouts.

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15. Eco Kids Preschool

This Montessori style preschool has put together a collection of boards on Pinterest that are all about being eco-friendly. It is a great a thing to encourage children while they are young to care about their environment. There are hundreds of pins that will give you ideas as you develop eco-friendly lesson plans. It’s a great resource for teachers and parents who want to introduce the concepts of recycling, gardening, eating healthy and going organic to their children.
There are also links to coupons and deals for parents.

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14. Starfall Education

This growing Pinterest account is another great resource for preschool educators and parents. You’ll come across several craft ideas that are seasonally themed. Children love doing crafts that go along with the current seasons or approaching holiday. These simple crafts are particularly unique and may not be found on other sites.

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13. Super Simple Songs

Every mom and preschool teacher knows that one of the best ways to get children to learn is to engage them with songs. The Pinterest account is filled with links to simple songs that have a super impact on kids’ enthusiasm. You’ll find a variety of songs. You have the educational songs focusing on phonics, counting, colors and shapes and the human anatomy. There are also songs about holidays and emotions. These are great songs that are appropriate for circle time.

There are also some pins with craft ideas.

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12. Common Core Standards 

This account offers good information regarding keeping up the common core standards. A lot of reading materials and videos are shared with teachers and concerned parents. Though the different boards offer information for all grade levels, even those with preschoolers will find the information to be very helpful. It is never too early to start preparing for the future. Parents can get an idea of what books and concepts their children need to know for the following school year.

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11. I See Me! Pinterest account

There are several ways to get preschool children excited about reading. One way is to have personalized books make just for them. Yet, not only will it inspire them to read, but it will help to encouragement a healthy self-esteem. Parents love them, and many teachers may find them useful during story time. Along with books, you can check out pins linking you to explore personalized puzzles, stickers, coloring pages and more.

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10. Smart Kids 101: Babysitting, Safety and Manners Pinterest account

Smart Kids 101 offers a good compilation of resources that any preschool teacher or parent would find beneficial. Educators can find value in the graduation ideas, safety tips and healthy snack recipes. They may even want to share some of the information with parents. Some if the parenting tips include topics on discipline, building healthy self-esteem, maintaining organization and teaching manners. In addition, there are boards just for crafts, fun activities, inspirational quotes and tips for parents raising children with special needs.

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9. All About Preschool Pinterest Account

This is a growing Pinterest account that has a lot of helpful ideas, tips and even a little humor that only a preschool teacher would understand. To start off with, there are boards dedicated for each moth of the school year. From September to May/June, you can find creative, seasonal crafts and hand on activities for your class. Other boards on this account have pins about addressing behavior issues, developing fine motor skills, indoor/outdoor activities and lists of great age appropriate books.

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8. Christine Reeve Autism Classroom News Pinterest Account

As the Autism Spectrum widens, preschool teachers are in more need of resources and hand on materials that will allow them to better meet the needs their students. The Pinterest account is ran by a consultant for schools who happens to work primarily with children with Autism. There are thousands of pins linking educators and parents to teaching tools, behavior charts, visual learning and story boards. Along with general information about Autism, teachers will find all these resources to be very helpful.

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7. Readable Phonics Pinterest Account

Readable Phonics’ goal is to help children surpass the common core standards for reading. Reading is fundamental, and who better to grab hold of primary phonics teaching resources than those with preschoolers. You’ll find a link to their site along with pins of great books for children. There are also pins with decorating ideas for preschool reading spaces. These work well for the classroom and for the home.

In addition, teachers and parents can discover innovative learning activities, printable lessons, games and crafts all geared toward teaching children to read and developing other skills including math.

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6. Perfection Learning Pinterest Account

Perfection Learning is one of the veterans of literacy as they have been a leading publisher of teaching curriculum for many decades. Though they continue to publish materials for all ages, preschool teachers can find this Pinterest account to be very useful. There are boards that specifically address handwriting, spelling and early reading skills. Another helpful board has incoming pins about technology in the classrooms. There’s also information on bullying, links to books about building character and more.

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5. Kaplan Early Learning Company Pinterest Account

The Kaplan Early Learning Company specializes in providing products that bring about an organized and creative learning environment to preschoolers. Their Pinterest account has one particular board that is full of pins showing decorative and imaginative preschool play areas. Other boards and pins cover topics of classroom management, decorating bulletin boards, outdoor learning activities, seasonal crafts and fun snacks. Educators and families can both appreciate the materials on here.

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4. Fostering Little Minds

Teacherspayteachers.com is an open marketplace just for educators (and parents). The Pinterest account also allows for the same groups of people to share resources with each other. You may be able to join in on certain boards on the account and pin things as well as get inspiration and ideas from others.

This is a very helpful Pinterest account for teachers who work with kids with special needs and all teachers in general. Some of the abundance of resources include behavior plans, common core materials, creative teaching ideas, outdoor activities and tools for teaching with special education. There are boards for special education math and science.

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3. Early Learning with Families 2.0 Pinterest Account

This Pinterest account comes from the California State Library and their initiatives to have children of all ages participate in summer reading programs. Throughout the account, educators can discover pins particularly geared toward preschoolers and dealing with developmental, fine and gross motor skills. Preschool teachers will find the boards highly useful.

It’s also a great place to get ideas for storytime. There is a wealth of books and art activities on music, science, sensory and multicultural concepts. Parent could also gather tips and resources on early development and early learning.

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2. Pre K Success Pinterest Account

Pre K Success is another company that specializes in learning products for the age group. Their goal is to develop skills and boost self-esteem. They hope their products bring play, praise and learning to children. The pins throughout the boards on this account will help teachers and parents to bring these things to their preschool students. You’ll find ideas for creative play, fun projects and outdoor activities. You’ll also see pins on holiday and seasonal crafts, creative recipes, inspirational quotes for parents and more.

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1. Pre-K Fun Pinterest Account

Learning should be fun for young children. This Pinterest account displays several ways for educators to do just that. The boards have an abundance of holiday and seasonal crafts that preschoolers will love and will make their learning experience enjoyable. In fact, every holiday is covered in the craft department here. There are also birthday themed activities. Other pins include crafts geared toward learning about phonics, hygiene, animals, safety tips and more.

Additionally, there is a great resource board for parents. Here, parents and teachers can read relative articles.

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