The 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids

ecez-badge-summercamps-largeThe experience of summer camp goes far beyond enjoying the fun activities usually associated with camping such as hiking, swimming and living in a cabin. Campers learn character-building skills, develop greater self-confidence, leadership and team-building skills. They develop friendships that can last a lifetime. When deciding which summer camp is the ideal choice for your child, there are several factors to consider. The location, type of camp, whether it is accredited, and the ages of campers accepted are just some points you may wish to consider.

There are many ideal camps throughout the United States to serve the needs and desires of you and your children when seeking out the best camp. If your child wants to attend a sports camp or a gender-specific camp, there are many options available throughout the country.

Perhaps you prefer to send your children to a faith-based summer camp. There are numerous faith-based options across the United States to choose from.

Some parents with financial difficulties wonder if there are options to send their child to summer camp. There are some camps that offer scholarships or discounts for some circumstances while other camps are specifically geared towards serving children whose parents would otherwise not be able to send them to summer camp. Parents should view the website of these camps or call the camp to find out more about incentives offered to families with low or moderate incomes. To determine current pricing at each of these summer camps, make sure the pricing is current. You can call the camp for exact pricing for the current camp season.

Remember that choosing the right summer camp is an individual family choice and that the best camp for your friends or neighbors may not be the best camp choice for your children. If you have more than one child to send to a camp, it is not unusual for parents to send their children to different camps. One or more of these picks for 50 best summer camps in the United States is sure to prove a great choice for your children to have an amazing summer camp experience.

If your child is seriously ill, requires specialized care or has other special needs, there are wonderful opportunities available that may allow your child to enjoy the adventure and experience of summer camp just like other children do. Specialty camps meet the needs of some families, giving children with special needs the opportunity to experience camping while receiving expert care from medical professionals and other experts. Children with special needs are given the opportunity for developing lasting friendships, having fun and meeting other children with their same or similar conditions.

Camps serving both boys and girls

Camps that serve both boys and girls in co-ed camping facilities traditionally offer programs that separate girls and boys while at camp, yet bring them together for some activities or meals.

50. Cheley Colorado Camp


Founded in 1921

The Cheley Colorado Camps serves young people from throughout the U.S. and several other countries. Located in and around the Estes Park Valley and surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and forests, Cheley Camps serves boys and girls, divided by gender and age group, starting at age nine years old. Individualized attention and encouragement and many group activities give campers the opportunity to experience unforgettable fun activities. Participating in mountain biking, river rafting, horseback riding, hiking, backpacking and art are just some of the available opportunities, along with challenge opportunities. During challenge opportunities, campers learn team-building, cooperation and leadership skills while developing self-confidence and enjoying the fun challenges. When the day is done, campers have the opportunity to build bonds while gathered around the evening campfire. Many campers return year-after-year to Cheley Colorado Camps.

49. Camp Killooleet

Camp Killooleet

Founded in 1927

Camp Killooleet serves boys and girls ages 9-14 years of age. Still operated by the Seeger Family, descendants of the original founders, Camp Killooleet is nestled along the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest in Hancock Vermont. The owners say that nearly all the campers return to Camp Killooleet each year until they reach the age limit. Children are housed in small groups of the same gender and experience the beauty of the nearly 300 acres and private lake while at Camp Killooleet. In addition to bringing their bicycle or renting one so that campers ride to all the activities at the flat campus, children can explore local nature sites, canoeing in the Adirondacks, caving and rock-climbing. Engaging in a wide variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, horseback riding, ultimate Frisbee, wind surfing and dance helps enforce the Killooleet focus on “the joy of participation rather than winning.” Campers can also choose to engage in activities such as studio arts, performing arts and music.

48. Camp Weequahic

Camp Weequahic

Founded in 1953

Situated just two hours northwest of NYC and three hours north of Philadelphia, Camp Weequahic offers a traditional camping experience with a twist for campers from second to the eleventh grade. Parents and children may choose the three-week sleep-away option or can opt for the “Super Six” week camping experience. Whichever option your family chooses, Camp Weequahic features continuous fun and learning experiences for your children. In addition to traditional types of camping activities, campers can also opt for specialty camps in the arts, sports or adventure. Campers also enjoy a variety of water activities and venture out on trips to nearby venues. Camp Weequahic takes pride in the motto that has not changed in more than 60 years – “Where Caring is a Tradition.” Staff claims that while new activities are learned each year at camp, it is the warm and caring environment that leads to campers returning to Camp Weequahic.

47. Raquette Lake Camps


Founded in 1916

Raquette Lake Camps is one of the oldest camps in the United States and now boasts second, third and fourth generations of Raquette Lake Camps alumni. Boys ages 6-15 are welcomed at the Raquette Lake Boys Camp while girls of the same ages are welcomed at the Raquette Lake Girls Camp. Although housed in different facilities, boys and girls regularly socialize . Sisters and brothers get together for lunch weekly. A variety of land and water activities engages campers, challenging them to reach their potential and discover how to become independent, responsible adolescents. Campers enjoy learning new skills, improving existing skills, experiencing emotional growth and developing new friendships. Campers learn to accept and respect every camper, regardless of background or upbringing. The diet at Raquette Lake Camps is nut-free, and the staff can accommodate most food allergies. Raquette Lake Camps staff and campers wear uniforms during their sleep-away camping experience.

46. Rockywold Deephaven Camps

Rockywold Deephaven Camps

Founded in 1897

Rockywold Deephaven Camps are located in Holderness, New Hampshire and sits on the Squam Lake. It is a unique summer camp in that it provides an awesome experience for the entire family to vacation and experience camping together. Family members enjoy traditional camping activities such as nature walks, fishing, swimming, and boating as well as a variety of age-appropriate recreation activities for children beginning at age three, all the way to the teen years. Parents will enjoy activities specifically geared for for them as well, and there is plenty of family fun at this resort facility where families return again and again.

45. Falcon Camp


Founded in 1959

Falcon Camp, situated in Carrolton Ohio offers boys and girls a great camping experience with the option of 2, 4, 6 or 8-week camping session. There are events and activities separated by gender, but plenty of co-ed activities for your child to enjoy while at Falcon Camp, considered one of the premier summer camps of the Midwest. The 1:4 staff/camper ratio helps older campers learn invaluable life skills, while developing friendships and adhering to the Camp Falcon Motto “Fun for Now, Skills for Life.” Young campers between the ages of 6-9 will enjoy their first camping experience during the one-week Young Adventurers camp. Campers will experience traditional camping fun and have the ability to choose some activities to participate in.

44. Trail Blazers Camps


Founded in 1887

Trail Blazers Camps has been serving campers and their families at the 1000 acre complex in Sussex County New Jersey for over 125 years. Trail Blazers, in Montague New Jersey, offers both sleep-away and day camps. The Trailblazers sleep away camp serves boys and girls in small groups, offering a new unique experience each day of the camping experience. Believing that every child should be afforded the opportunity to attend summer camp, Trail Blazers has scholarships available for families who would otherwise not have the money to send their child to camp. Scholarship amounts vary, with the information available from the Trail Blazers administration.

43. Camp Pinehurst


Founded in 1946

Camp Pinehurst is located along the shores of the Crescent Lake in Sebago Lake region of Raymond Maine. Camp Pinehurst offers a variety of camping experiences for boys and girls ages 6through age 14. Camp options include sessions that last either 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks. The staff/ camper ratio is 3 to 1, with constant supervision provided at all times. Children enjoy traditional camping activities at what the Camp Pinehurst management team touts as a camping experience at “an affordable price.” Campers also go on a hiking trip, with the location and time spent on the trip based on the camping session of each child at Camp Pinehurst.

42. Camp Tall Timbers


Founded in 1970

Located in the natural wooded setting of High View West Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp Tall Timbers is an award-winning camp that serves boys and girls as young as age seven. The camp fosters each child’s personal development through a variety of camp experiences, activities, and challenges. The Family Weekend gives parents the opportunity to join in the fun of camp life at Camp Tall Timbers. Camp sessions last from one to three weeks.

41. Mountain Camp Woodside


Founded in 1976

The sleep away camp at Mountain Camp Woodside features spectacular beauty throughout the 63 acre campus, boasting an Olympic sized pool, gymnasium, sports fields, modern dorms and other amenities. The camp serves boys and girls ages 7 to 15. Located just 45 minutes south of San Francisco near the Silicon Valley, campers will enjoy traditional camp experiences in addition to nutritious meals with plenty of menu options, special evening activities and small camper/staff ratios. Campers are encouraged to engage in new activities and make new friends. Campers learn a variety of new skills, establishing independence and fostering emotional growth.

40. Camp Towanda


Founded in 1923

Camp Towanda, originally a boy’s camp, has offered co-ed sleep away camping for boys and girls since 1942. Campers as young as six years old enjoy the beauty and natural surroundings of Camp Towanda nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Camp is for all levels of camping experience and interests, including first-time campers. In addition to traditional camping activities, campers have the opportunity to participate in gymnastics, lacrosse, roller skating, martial arts, water skiing, water aerobics, computer graphic design and culinary instruction, just to name a few. A variety of trips, special activities and optional experiences and clinics completes the well-rounded camping experience at Camp Towanda.

39. Camp Hilltop

Founded in 1924

Both boys and girls from ages six to sixteen will enjoy all that Camp Hilltop has to offer campers coming to one of the camping sessions, ranging from two to eight weeks long. The Hancock New York camp is located close to the Catskill Mountains, offering spectacular views, a wide range of camping activities, experiences and amenities to campers. The structured, safe, non-competitive environment and the fact that campers bunk with children entering the same grade in the fall may appeal to parents and campers wondering about the environment of the camping experience at Camp Hilltop. With over 60 indoor and outdoor activities, campers of every level and camping experience will enjoy fun, diverse opportunities while developing new skills, enhancing existing skills, establishing lifelong friendships and often becoming part of Camp Hilltop’s return campers.

38. Camp Lakota


Founded in 1924

Located atop the Wurtsboro Hills in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains of New York, Camp Lakota takes pride in living up to its name, which means “friendly and united.” Campers ages six to sixteen are welcomed to summer camp, with discounted rates for some age groups. Typical camping activities along with fun challenges give campers the fun experiences of sleep-away camping while learning independence, confidence, and teamwork. The strong sense of community and family often brings campers back to Camp Lakota every year.

37. Iroquois Springs


Founded in 1931

Iroquois Springs sits in the southern part of the Catskill Mountains, in Rock Hill New York. Iroquois Springs is a summer camp where campers ages six to sixteen have outstanding opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities and safe, healthy challenges. All campers have the opportunity to shine at Camp Iroquois Springs as they develop self-esteem, learn to make efforts and develop healthy attitude skills. Campers enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities and events at Camp Iroquois Springs where you can choose a three week or six week camping session for your child.

36. Kupugani Multicultural Camp

Camp Kupugani Multicultural Camp

Founded in 1951

Kupugani Multicultural Camp is located in Northwest Illinois, less than two hours from Chicago. Kupugani means to “raise oneself up” and staff says that they instill the bonds of friendship and trust among campers. While the camp serves both boys and girls, the boy’s camp and the girl’s camp are held separately from each other. The core values of excellence to do your best, empowerment to be your best, community to show your best, along with fun, safety, and environment guide the decisions, activities, actions and expectations of campers and staff in a safe atmosphere. Campers learn to appreciate and celebrate themselves and to appreciate and celebrate others. The staff helps first-time campers overcome homesickness and the Kupugani Multicultural Camp also offers a discount to families with first-time campers.

35. Rawhide Ranch


Founded in 1963

Rawhide Ranch, an Editor’s Choice pick for kid’s camps in San Diego, features a well-rounded camping experience for kids ages 7-15 years old. Campers have opportunities not offered at some other camps, such as western riding experiences, sleeping in a wagon train and taking part in a weekly horse/animal show. Campers also experience archery, water sports, and other traditional camping activities. With a focus on team-building, Rawhide Ranch offers campers the opportunity to learn new skills and create lasting friendships.

34. Camp Walt Whitman

Camp Walt Whitman

Founded in 1948

Camp Walt Whitman allows each camper to experience the ultimate in summer camping by participating at their level. Generations of campers have enjoyed the scenic surroundings of Camp Walt Whitman, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Campers learn to improve existing physical skills while developing new skills in sports and activities while focusing on personal development in areas such as leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. Lifelong bonds are formed as new friendships develop while experiencing the camaraderie among Walt Whitman Campers. Named after the poet Walt Whitman, honoring his poem “I Hear America Singing,” describing the working men and women of America, each camper at Camp Walt Whitman also develops an individual sense of pride while going about their daily camping activities.

33. Camp Highlander


Founded in 1957

Camp Highlander located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Camp Highlander is a co-ed multi-experience camp. Depending on age 2-week camps, 1-week camps, family camps, are all available during the summer months. Highlander prides itself on exceptional experiences for your child focusing on independence, self-confidence, personal accomplishment. At Camp Highlander, campers will always “Meet at the Rock.” As a symbol of Camp Highlander’s values and tradition, the camp bell tolls four times… for Courage. Honesty. Integrity. Faith.

Boys only summer camps

Camps for boys only offer the structure of the gender-specific summer camp that boys may desire. Ages may vary from one camp to the next and parents should make sure that camps accept boys the age of their child.

32. Camp Takajo


Founded in 1947

Camp Takajo provides boys with more than a fun camping experience. Boys from age 7 to 15 learn the twelve Arch Ideals from the moment they enter Camp Takajo. The Arch Ideals help develop boys into young men of strong moral character during their seven-week Camp Takajo experience. A structured, nurturing and supportive environment helps the boys develop character and learn confidence in the diverse and well-rounded opportunities at Camp Takajo. Camp Takajo Summer Camp is located in the Sebago Lakes region of Southern Maine, in Naples, which is 30 miles west of Portland. Pristine Lakes and the surrounding forest help to provide the ultimate summer camp experience for boys.

31. Camp Winadu


Founded in 1927

The Camp Winadu mission is “building character through sports.” Camp Winadu is a boys-only, specialty sports-focused summer camp for boys who enjoy both individual and team sports instruction and opportunities. Boys of all skill levels are given the opportunity to thrive at Camp Winadu. In addition to sports-based instruction and activities, campers also participate in trips to destinations such as the Basketball Hall of Fame, Baseball Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame, Niagara Falls, Science Museum and Omni Max in Boston. Camp Winadu is located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, less than three hours from Boston and New York City.

30. Indian Acres Camp for Boys

Founded in 1924

Located in Fryeburg Maine, boys at Indian Acres assist in creating their schedules that reflect their age, interests, and abilities. The camp motto, Two Camps, One Community pulls from the camp female counterpart, Forest Acres. At this summer camp, boys thrive with programming like individual and team sports, performing and fine arts. The plan at Indian Acres is to have children thrive in a single-sex learning environment. At Indian and Forest Acres, camp directors work hard to ensure through community, campers meet their full potential.

29. Brant Lake Camp


Founded in 1916

Recognized as one of the oldest privately owned camps in the U.S., Brant Lake Camp is located along a beautiful six mile long lake in the Adirondack Mountains. The camp welcomes boys between the ages of 7 and 15 to a summer camp filled with fun and adventure. Featuring 14 tennis courts, four baseball fields, nine basketball courts and two soccer fields, Brant Lake Camp offers campers a wealth of opportunities to participate in a variety of sports and other team-building opportunities. Activities on the water offer further opportunities to learn and experience all that Brant Lake Camp has to offer for fun experiences and the ability to experience emotional growth.

28. Camp Lincoln Boys Camp


Founded in 1909

Camp Lincoln, located in Lake Hubert, MN, is family owned, after three generations and still offers boys great camping opportunities, based on the grade levels of Camp Lincoln campers. One example is the “Intro Camp” for boys in K-5th grade, giving younger campers an idea of what camp life is like. Camp sessions range from two to eight weeks and provide a wealth of land and water adventures and wilderness activities. Campers develop individual skills, learn team-building and confidence while engaging in the wealth of activities and trips while at Camp Lincoln.

27. Camp Greylock


Founded in 1916

Camp Greylock sits on 300 acres of land, located high in the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts. Through a variety of sports and other fun activities, boys become self-reliant, learn respect, teamwork, self-confidence and develop bonds and friendships with peer campers. Camp Greylock welcomes boys to summer camp who are between the ages of 7 and 14.

26. Camp Cobbossee


Founded in 1902

Camp Cobbossee becomes the home-away-from-home for many boys every year. Fostering a nurturing environment where teamwork, sportsmanship and the establishment of brotherhood through sports and adventure, staff instruct boys in numerous sports, activities and fun events. Trips and other activities provide adventure beyond the normal camping experience. Camp Cobbossee is located in Monmouth Maine, just 15 miles away from Augusta. Boys camp out at Spirit Island, where the camp is surrounded by 120 acres of Maine forestland, sprinkled with hiking and mountain biking trails.

Girl’s only camps

Camps for girls only offer a gender-specific experience for girls at sleep away camps. Girls can bond with other girls and enjoy girls-only camping activities while developing skills to become a responsible, confident young woman.

25. Camp Kippewa


Founded in 1902

Located just a half-mile away from the boys camp (Camp Cobbossee) is the girls’ camp, Camp Kippewa, where girls explore their athletic, social and artistic side, yet maintaining their individuality throughout their camping experience. Girls come from across the country, with many returning each year to re-establish bonds with their camping sisters from previous years and to make new friends.

24. Alexa Café


Founded in 2014

Alexa Café is an all-girls summer camp that focuses on a “chic, collaborative” tech camp learning experience for girls ages 10 to 15. Alexa Café courses are in coding, game design, engineering, and more, uniquely emphasizing leadership and philanthropy. There are various locations, according to interest, inspired by iDTech.

23. Forest Acres

Founded in 1924

Forest Acres is the girl’s camp counterpart to the Indian Acres Camp for Boys, located in Fryeburg Maine. The camp, while billed as indivudal camps for girls and boys but one community, prides itself on single-sex learning but balancing that individual attention with a mix of gender activity. Campers help design their schedule, as the boys do over at Indian Acres, receiving high-quality instruction in numerous fun and engaging activities and events. A brand new dance studio, Olympic-sized swimming pool, indoor gymnasiums, the lakefront water facility and a number of sports fields will keep girls very busy throughout their camping session at Forest Acres. Girls will also learn skills to help them grow and mature into responsible young ladies as they develop team-building skills and develop respect for others and learn greater self-confidence. Many Forest Acres girls return to camp year after year.

22. Tripp Lake Camp

Camp Tripp

Founded in 1911

Tripp Lake Camp, located in Poland Maine, offers a wide variety of engaging activities and learning experiences for girls from 7-16 years old. Whether she like traditional sports, the arts, water sports or just meeting new friends, Tripp Lake is renowned for the beautiful grounds and camper experiences that keep girls coming back again and again. The staff fosters an environment that encourages mutual respect, camaraderie, compassion, and responsibility.

21. Rockbrook Camp for Girls


Founded in 1921

The Rockbrook Camp for Girls is located in Brevard North Carolina, “in the heart of a wooded mountain.” Girls ages 6 to 16 enjoy traditional camping activities while establishing new friendships, learning new skills and gaining self-understanding. Staff believes that girls thrive in an environment where they are encouraged to make decisions and engage in new activities that are both challenging and rewarding. Girls can thrive in the non-competitive environment provided to campers at the Rockbrook Camp for Girls.

20. Camp Wicosuta


Founded in 1920

Camp Wicosuta is a 4-week summer camp located in Hebron, New Hampshire along Newfound Lake. Wico, as it is referred to by staff and campers, is a place to empower young girls. Camper experiences focus on what Wico refers to as the 3 C’s, Confidence, Competence and Community. Wico incorporates self-esteem for each and every camper into their programming. At the core of camp values also lie social and emotional responsibility and well-being. Campers are encouraged to become well-rounded individuals through play, friendship and experiences that will last a lifetime. With a wide variety of activities available to campers, the girls will be treated to a wide variety of experiences from on the water to horse-back riding.

19. Wehakee Camp for Girls


Founded in 1923

The Wehakee Camp for Girls welcomes girls of all faiths, as it has done for more than 90 years. Wehakee Camp received recognition when voted #19 on the Top 50 Most Amazing U.S. Summer Camps. Girls ages 7 through 17 experience the unforgettable at Wehakee Camp for Girls, located on Hunter Lake, near Winter, in Northwestern Wisconsin.

18. Pleasant Valley Camp for Girls

Pleasant Valley YMCACamp for Girls

Founded in 1969

Girls ages 8-15 cherish their experiences at Pleasant Valley Camp, nestled along Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. A YWCA Camping experience, Pleasant Valley Camp for Girls, offers campers a variety of sports, activities, and creative programs. Campers learn to develop lifelong leadership and social skills while experiencing personal growth and developing lifelong friendships.

Educational Summer Camps

Educational summer camps give campers with special interests or abilities to come together to share their knowledge and learn new skills and academic lessons.

17. French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts

French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts

French Woods is a performing arts camp located on a private lake in the Catskill Mountains. Campers as young as seven years of age can begin exploring their interest in the performing arts. French Woods While younger campers receive more supervised guidance and supervision, older campers are given more free rein in their interests and available options that includes specialties such as dance, theater, film and video, music, magic, visual arts, horseback riding and fitness.

16. ID Tech Camps

iD Game Design & Development Academy

Founded in 1999

ID Tech Camps operates full and half day camps for children as young as age six. Programs are geared towards campers of specific ages and grades, with the location of the camp dependent upon the specific focus of the ID Tech Camps. Camp sessions are held at various universities. ID Tech Mini Campers consist of tech-savvy children between the ages of six and twelve. They learn programming, video game design and other tech skills while the iD Tech Camps that house students ages 6-9 feature classes in robotics, apps, programming, game design, photography and more.

15. Summer Institute for the Gifted


Founded in 1984

Held annually at some of the most prestigious universities in the country, the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) features a three week camping experience for gifted children ages 9-17. Students receive instruction and enrichment opportunities in more than 60 exciting courses ranging from humanities, mathematics, science and technology and the performing arts.

Sleep Away Sports Camps

Sports camps allow children with interest or abilities in certain sports to attend a camp to enhance their existing skills or learn new skills. Some sports camps focus on a specific sport while others offer a variety of sports-related instruction. Children are typically grouped according to age and ability level.

14. Academy by the Sea


Founded in 1943

Campers as young as age ten can experience the wide array of camp opportunities at this gorgeous oceanfront campus in Carlsbad California, northern San Diego County. Campers are housed in dorms and given opportunities to enhance their existing skills or develop skills in a new area such as surfing, kayaking, general sports, and team sports. There are other camp opportunities outside of sports such as robotics, study skills and English as a Second Language classes.

13. Camp Lohikan


Founded 1957

Camp Lohikan is located in the Pocono Mountains, At Lake Como, Pennsylvania. When your child wants to experience the ultimate in sports opportunities, camping at Camp Lohikan can provide just that. With over 65 activities, every child is sure to find a specialty interest where they can either learn for the first time or enhance existing skills. Campers as young as six will delight in options such as softball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, jet skiing, scuba, dance, cheerleading, paintball and much more. Campers can enjoy Camp Lohikan for session options of 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks duration. Campers who are entering the fifth grade are permitted to help develop their camp program and schedule. A variety of adventures and activities keep campers enjoying the thrills at Camp Lohikan throughout their session, while they develop skills that last a lifetime and eagerly await their next camping experience at Camp Lohikan, where both boys and girls are welcome.

12. University of Virginia Nike Tennis Camp


Founded in 1996

If your young camper enjoys tennis or even thinks that tennis is the greatest sport ever, the Nike Tennis Camp is a great summer camp option for kids, starting at age 9. Campers can play and receive “world-class instruction” for up to five hours each day of the week-long camp experience. All levels of tennis players are welcome at this co-ed camp, located at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. There are also evening activities available for all campers to enjoy, outside of their tennis instruction.

11. NBC Basketball Camps

nbc basketball camps

Founded in 1996

NBC Basketball Camps are co-ed basketball camps for campers as young as age 9. Campers learn or enhance their skills in all aspects of basketball while also developing leadership skills and improving their confidence. Through a variety of instruction, drills, games and tournaments, campers will learn to correct and improve their existing skills while learning new skills of the game.

10. Chelsea Piers Summer Sports Camps of New York City


Founded in 1996

Campers at Chelsea Piers Summer Sports Camps can start enjoying all that the camp has to offer as young as three years old. Sports instruction is guided by age group and ability level as well as a personal interest. There are 16 specialty sports camps for children to enjoy the world-class facilities, with expert instructors. Your children can enjoy basketball, golf, gymnastics, hockey, baseball and much more. Campers may also enjoy a harbor cruise and appearances by professional athletes.

9. Cornell Sports School Camp


Founded in 1980

No matter your child’s sports ability there are great opportunities waiting at the Cornell Sports School Camp. Campers can register as young as age 6. Each year, the professional instructors and staff welcomes thousands of campers from across the United States to the Cornell University, located in Ithaca New York. You child may enjoy baseball, basketball, swimming, lacrosse, football, track and field or one of the other available sports training options.

Faith-based camps

Faith-based camps allow parents to send their children to a camp where their religious values are appreciated. While some camps are non-denominational, others are specific in their faith-based instruction. Campers still experience traditional camping activities, but do so in an environment that nurtures the faith-based beliefs and values of their family.

8. Camp Olympia


Founded in 1968

Camp Olympia serves campers from ages 6-16 at its beautiful location on Lake Livingston in Trinity Texas. Campers can enjoy either a two week or three week camping session, which includes traditional camping activities while focusing on developing character and values. Campers also learn team-building, responsibility, cooperation and confidence.

7. River Valley Ranch Camp

River Valley Ranch Camp

Founded in 1952

River Valley Ranch Camp is a non-denominational Christian camp located in Manchester Maryland. The camp offers three age-appropriate summer camp experiences for boys and girls. Campers can enjoy the many traditional camping activities as soon as they turn three years old. River Valley Ranch also focuses on the spiritual needs of campers.

6. Cedarbrook Camp Northern California


Founded in 1959

Each day at Camp Cedarbrook begins with morning devotions at this non-denominational Christian sleep away camp for campers as young as age nine. While campers enjoy a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities and classes, staff will direct campers to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Campers will enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings at Cedarbrook Camp, located in the Sierra Mountains.

5. Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp


Founded in 1973

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp is a two-week action/adventure Christian summer camp. With Yosemite National Park as your backdrop, this camp empowers youth to channel their inner warrior, taking advantage of all the great outdoors has to offer. For two weeks, campers are not only pushing themselves physically but they are taking some much-needed time to focus on their spirituality. Campers are encouraged to build character, skills, relationships and faith. Backpacking, archery, hiking, you name it, Yosemite Sierra takes summer camp to a whole new level.

Summer camps for campers with special needs

If your child has a special need or condition that often keeps him or her from participating in many activities that children normally enjoy, there are still awesome opportunities for your child to experience the thrill of going to summer camp. Specialty summer camps serve children with a variety of needs while accommodating them in a safe environment with staff trained to give them the ultimate camping experience. Expert medical professionals provide medical care to children at each specialty camp.

If your child suffers from behavioral issues that require a very structured schedule and environment, there are camping options available. Considering the following summer camps can allow your child with special needs to experience the joy and excitement of summer camp. For specific information regarding any unique needs or care not mentioned within the description, contact the camp for additional details.

4. Cheley Children’s Burn Camp


The Cheley Children’s Burn Camp features an 8-day camping adventure for burn victims throughout the world. Counseling experiences helps victims address emotional and social issues during their camping adventure. The Children’s Hospital staff, along with on-site burn specialty nurses from the U.S. and other countries and local firefighters add to the unforgettable camping opportunities for burn victims. Compassionate charity groups and individuals contribute to funding the Cheley Burn Camp so that participants can attend the camp on scholarship. The camp is held at the Cheley Colorado Camp before regular campers have their summer camp sessions. This allows children participating in the Cheley Children’s Burn Camp experience to enjoy camping in a safe, nurturing environment with peers also experiencing similar challenges caused by burns.

3. Double H Ranch


Co-founded by Paul Newman and Charles R. Wood, the Double H Ranch offers an ultimate camping experience to children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. A variety of fund-raising opportunities held throughout the year and numerous sponsorships help to cover the costs so that children with chronic illnesses can afford a unique camping experience and meet new friends. Doctors and nurses are available 24 hours a day to treat children suffering from cancer, sickle cell, neuromuscular disorders, HIV and other illnesses.

All services at the Double H Ranch are provided to campers and families free of charge, relieving parents of the struggle to pay for summer camp when medical bills and other expenses are likely already mounting. The magic of the Adirondacks adds to the enjoyment that campers experience at the Double H Ranch session. Camper to staff ratio is two to1.

2. Camp Barnabas


Founded in 1996

Offering life-changing opportunities for campers, Camp Barnabas serves campers who have chronic illnesses and other special needs. Campers can enjoy sessions where disability is redefined. It is a ministry-based camp where campers with special needs are accepted, regardless of physical or intellectual challenges. Camp Barnabas, located in Purdy, MO. Camp Barnabas is open to both boys and girls, with sibling opportunities during the week-long camp session.

1. Camp CARE


Founded in 1985

Camp CARE (Cancer Aint Really the End) allows campers with cancer to experience camping and meet new friends in the process. Camp is a week-long adventure for children ages 6 to 16, who are in “all stages of the treatment journey.” It does not matter if your child is on or off treatment, in remission or fighting relapse, having no symptoms or experiencing symptoms with physical and mental challenges. Campers get away from the harsh realities of cancer in their week-long camp experience, while still receiving care from medical staff, who is on duty 24 hours a day. The Camp CARE experience is always provided to campers and their families free of charge. Fund-raisers and donations help pay for the campers to enjoy their Camp CARE experience. Even after camp ends, there is a variety of activities throughout the year to keep campers and their families in touch.