The 25 Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, the Elf on the shelf is making its exciting return.  We have selected our favorite ideas that will get you all the way to Christmas. 

There is no need to worry because most of these ideas are very simple and can be made with items around the house. 

25. Pin the nose on the Reindeer

These silly elves are playing a game of pin the nose on the reindeer. You can set this scene up under the tree with any of your children’s favorite toys. 

24. The Elf Stole Christmas

It seems that the Elf has taken the Grinch’s side this year and lost his Christmas spirit. You could read the book or watch the movie the night before and then set this up the next morning. 

23. Cookie Elf

This is the perfect time of year to get the family in the kitchen to bake some cookies together. You can make it look like the Elf got the ingredients together, and he needs help pouring them in the bowl and mixing up the ingredients. 

22. Snowman Elf

This cute little Elf has built snowmen out of some donuts. You can set this up for a quick breakfast treat to start the day. 

21. Potty Elf

 You could do this silly idea could do this on a night that you are making peas for dinner for an added laugh. This play on words is perfect for children that like a good laugh. 

20. Beach Bum

Is your family longing for the beach like this Elf? This is a fun idea to do if you have a pet that uses a heat lamp to keep warm. 

19. Sleepy Elf

 This tired Elf is hiding in a dollhouse. You can give out clues to help them find this Elf hiding in their room. 

18. Game Night

Who doesn’t love a game of Uno? This Elf is ready for the whole family to join in and play. 

17. Spy Elf

This adventurous Elf is climbing up the fridge. Your children could wake up to find this Elf when they are making breakfast in the morning. 

16. Stay Hydrated

These silly elves have found themselves in a tough situation. They could be hiding in the fridge waiting for your children to get a drink. Use a reusable bottle to cut back on plastic. 

15. Movie Night

Your children will love a spontaneous movie night, so have your Elf bring a new DVD and some snacks. 

14. Cereal Elf

How did these elves get themselves stuck in these cereal containers? You could hide them under the cereal to add an added shock factor to breakfast. 

13. Spider Elf

 Your children won’t be expecting spider elf to be hanging from the ceiling. You could hang this in their room during the night, so they find it when they turn the light on in the morning. 

12. Just Hanging Around

This silly Elf could be hanging up in their closet, so they find it when they are getting ready to get dressed for the day. 

11. Cup Cake Elf

It seems that this Elf might have a bit of a sweet tooth. He could stop by after dinner to bring a dessert to the whole family. 

10. Does it have Sugar?

Your children will get a shock when they walk in the kitchen and see the Elf eating Buddy’s famous spaghetti from the movie Elf.  

9. Elf Twister

These two look like they are having so much fun that maybe the kids will want to join in with their own game. 

8. Just Chillin

Your children would not expect to find the Elf lounging in a beach chair inside of the fridge, so this could be a bit of fun. 

7. The Force

The new Starwars film is coming out soon, so this could be a fun way to get your kids excited about that. This poor Elf can’t save himself from Darth Vader, but maybe your children can help.

6. Heavy lifting

This Elf is trying to burn off some of that Thanksgiving meal. You could use these marshmallows for a delicious cup of hot chocolate for a bonus. 

5. Toothpaste mischief

 This would be a fun way for your children to find their pesky Elf in the morning when they go to brush their teeth. 

4. In the dog house

This Elf seems to find himself in a tricky situation. It appears that he might need some help getting out of the treat jar.  

3. Spa Day

This Elf seems to be having a bit of a relaxing spa day. This would be the last thing that your children would expect to find in the bathroom when they are getting ready for the day. 

2. Frozen

 It looks like this poor Elf is on the wrong end of Elsa’s magical powers. This is the perfect time to use this idea with the release of the second film.  

1. Dog Walker

This is a great way to incorporate toys that are already lying around the house. You could have the Elf walking some of your children’s favorite toys so that they will have a more significant reaction when they finally find that pesky Elf.