The 10 Best Christmas Movies for Children

Get your family ready for the Christmas season with The 10 Best Christmas movies for Children. Some of these movies will get your children singing along to classic Christmas songs and the rest of these movies will have them captivated by the magic of Christmas. Grab a hot chocolate and sit by the glow of the tree as you enjoy these movies with the whole family.

10. Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

The Santa Buddies will teach your children that it is important to treat everyone with compassion even when it is hard to sometimes. Puppy Paws has lost faith in Christmas and he decides that he wishes that Christmas would just disappear altogether. This causes the magical Christmas Icicle to start to break. If the magical icicle goes away so does Christmas. This means that the Santa Buddies will have to try to convince Puppy Paws to believe in Christmas again so that they can save the Holiday season. Watch and see if the Santa Buddies will be able to restore faith in Christmas and save the magical icicle from melting forever.

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9. The Year Without a Santa Claus 

Santa thinks that no one cares about Christmas anymore so he decided that he would not be handing out presents on Christmas Eve. Some of Santa’s elves set out to prove to him that children still love Christmas. They take Santa into town dressed in a disguise so that he could see how sad everyone is about the news that Santa will not be delivering presents to the good boys and girls this year. See if Santa will change his mind and decide to deliver presents instead of cancelling Christmas.

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8. The Santa Clause

Watch as Scott Calvin becomes Santa for the holiday season when he finds Santa’s outfit in front of his house and he puts it on. At first Scott does not actually believe that he is Santa and he tries to go about living his normal life. One of Santa’s elves tells him that he has to be ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving so he needs to start preparing for his new job as soon as possible. Your children will love to watch as Santa prepares to come to their house on Christmas Eve.

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7. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Follow the famously grumpy Scrooge McDuck as he goes on a journey through time. He will visit the past, present and future of his very own life with three different ghosts. He will be able to relive some of the hardships in his own life as well as some of the hardships of the Cratchit family. At the end of the day Scrooge McDuck learns about the joy of giving and how it is much better too spread happiness then to spread negativity.

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6. Home Alone

Watch as Kevin gets left at home alone while his family goes on vacation for Christmas. He is faced with the task of surviving without the comfort of his family to make the holidays better. Two burglars notice that he is alone and they plan on breaking in. Kevin is a lot smarter than they planned on and he set many traps to help save his house from being burglarized. While he is at Central Park in New York City he meets a lady that is able to show him what really matters during the Christmas season.

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5. Frosty The Snowman

Frosty is a snowman that comes to life when a magical hat gets put on his head by students during their recess. The only way that Frosty can stay alive is if he keeps the magical hat on his head. The hat belonged to one of the teachers at the school and to the students dismay he wants the hat back. Your children will fall in love with this fun and upbeat snowman.

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4. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is about the Grinch that lives high up in the mountains about Whoville. The Grinch does not like Christmas and he wants to take the joy away from the Whos that live in Whoville down below him. On Christmas Eve he plans on going in each and every house to take all of their Christmas presents. He is successful until he meets a tiny little girl named Cindy. She helps his heart grow and teaches him that Christmas is more than just about the presents.

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3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This movie will take your children on the journey of the unique Reindeer Rudolph and how he is able to become the leading reindeer on Santa’s Sleigh. At first Rudolph feels bad because he can’t compete in the Reindeer games like all of the other reindeer. He is made fun of because he is not as good at the games as the others so he runs away. On his journey he learns that it is ok to be different and decides to return home. When he gets home he learns that Santa has cancelled Christmas because of a bad snowstorm. Luckily Rudolph’s nose is bright enough to save Christmas and guide Santa safely through the storm.

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2. The Polar Express

Your children will be able to go on a magical Christmas journey on the Polar Express. This movie is about a young boy that starts to believe that Santa does not really exist. The boy finds a magical train that is heading to the North Pole so he gets on it with the permission of the conductor. The boy meets many new characters on the Polar Express that will go on this magical journey with him to help restore his faith in Santa. Watch and see if the boy will be able to start believing in Santa again.

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1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas was inspired by the popular Peanuts comic strip. Charlie Brown feels sad that the holiday has become over commercialized so he and his friends put together a play to show the true meaning of Christmas. The first couple of rehearsals for the play do not go like Charlie wanted them too but Linus is able to bring everyone’s attention to what truly matters. The movie ends with Charlie Brown and his friends singing “Hark! The Herald Angles Sing” outside around the Christmas tree.

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