The 10 Best Preschool Birthday Party Themes

We always want to make sure our kids have the best birthday ever! Choosing a fantastic theme is one of the best ways to guarantee your child and his or her guests have a great time and remember the party for years to come. To help you make the most of your child’s big day, we've assembled a list of the ten best preschool party themes that are sure to please any young child. But throwing one of the best preschool parties doesn't have to be a lot of work. We've included some quick and easy tips to bring in a little creativity and fun, without too much effort on your part. Pick one of these themes to ensure your child’s party is one of the best preschool birthday parties ever.

10. Artist/Paint Party

There is nothing preschoolers love more than painting. Throw a painting party and bring out the creative side of your little guests. Decorate your home with empty paint cans and bright colored table cloths. Splatter paint on a large roll of craft paper for a cute backdrop. To make paint brush treats, make Rice Krispy treats, cut them to the size of a paint brush, insert a popsicle stick into one end and dip the other end in colored, melted white chocolate. Give your guests a paint brush and canvas, or better yet, get out the finger paints!

Dinosaurs is a great party theme for preschoolers. Depending on their ages, you may want to tone down the scary dinosaur pictures and opt for more friendly-looking dinosaurs. Transform your living room into a jungle with large leave cut out of dollar store tablecloths. Make giant dinosaur footprints out of black construction paper. Dig for dinosaur bones in a sandbox. Serve kid-friendly foods renamed to fit the dinosaur theme, like dinosaur eggs in place of peanut M&Ms. With the dinosaur theme, the bigger, the better, so when you plan your party, think large.

What preschool-aged child doesn’t love a superhero? Planning activities and games for Superhero parties is simple. Get some fabric and cut it into a cape for each child. Have games focused on defeating the ‘bad guy’, using items like silly string, water balloons, or bean bags? Have them test out their superhero skills on an obstacle course. Or, get another adult to dress up as a villain and have the kids try to catch him and wrap him in toilet paper. Superhero parties are always a big hit with young kids.

What better way to make your young guests smile than with a party all about candy? A Candyland theme allows you to bring in a lot of bright colors, and decorations are super easy. Big colorful lollipops, bold stripes, and colorful tablecloths can easily transform your home into a child’s paradise.

Whether you opt to do a pool party, a beach party, or a squirt gun/water balloon party, water is always a great idea for kids. (Of course, always make sure you have enough adults to supervise.) Decorating is easy, with beach balls, balloons, and other cheap inflatables. Serve your food in sand buckets, equipped with shovels!

What pre-schooler doesn’t love Mickey? Throwing a Mickey Mouse party is a great option when you want to include both boys and girls on your invitation list. Because Mickey is such a popular figure, the internet is bursting with creative ideas to make your party unique and memorable.

Most young kids think minions are hilarious, and the idea of attending a minion party will be thrilling. There are so many easy ways to incorporate this theme without breaking the bank. Minions have such a basic shape; you can turn anything into a minion with a little yellow and blue paint and an eyeball or two. For a quick game, paint 2-liter bottles yellow and blue, add eyes, and you’ve got an easy ring toss game. Or print out a giant picture of a Minion and play pin the eye on Stuart.

Princesses are extremely popular among pre-school aged girls, so choosing the perfect princess for your party is sure to be a piece of cake (pun not intended!). With so many princesses to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right party favors and supplies you’ll need to throw the best princess party ever. Anything pink and frilly is sure to be a hit with preschool aged girls. Have the girls play dress up, or decorate a crown with stick-on jewels.

Whether you choose to make it a generic pirate party, or a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party, there are always a ton of great ideas online. Pirates have always been a kid favorite, and the pirate theme leaves a lot of room for creativity. You could add a giant sail attached to a broomstick to your kitchen table to make it look like a pirate ship, or you could have your kids walk the plank into a wading pool of inflatable sharks – the possibilities are endless.

This is a great birthday party theme that’ll work for either boys or girls. The pups are always saving someone from something, so instead of party activities, do rescue missions. To decorate, put your party treats in doggie bowls (unused, of course!) instead of regular bowls, or add a paw print to the top of your cupcakes using one giant marshmallow and three small marshmallows.