The 10 Best Teachers to Follow on Social Media

Social media is a great resource for you to find and share inspiration for your classroom on a daily basis. You will be able to find neat activities, fun games and creative crafts to include in your teaching plans. Social media will help you interact with other teachers and also keep up with what they do in their classroom as well.

Give these 10 teachers a follow and they will be able to take your teaching style to the next level.

10. ELA Classroom

ELA Classroom is a great place for teachers that want to interact with other teachers. There is a weekly poll on the page that allows you to actively be a part of the community. Lauralee share pictures from her classroom so you can see different activities she does with her class.

9. Brown Bag Teacher

Brown Bag Teacher shares a ton of exciting projects and teacher hacks that will make your classroom the perfect place to learn. She has a lot of art projects that will help your students have a She posts pictures on a regular basis so you will be able to keep up to date on all of the latest trends.

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8. Teach Like You Mean It

Teachlikeyoumeanit posts tons of ideas for you to make your classroom feel more like home. She posts exciting ways that can make your classroom a fun place for your students to be. She will show you quick DIY’s with short videos and pictures.

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7. Technically Its Kinder

Technicallyitskinder has so many great ideas for you to use in your kindergarten classroom. She posts tons of activities and games on a regular basis. She also includes ways to incorporate technology into your lesson plans which will help your students feel more comfortable with technology.

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6. Target Teachers

Target Teachers is the perfect place for teachers that love shopping at target. You will be able to share your finds with other teachers and you will also be able to see what they find as well. The great thing about these ideas is that everything can be found in one place for a very affordable price.

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5. Madly Learning

Madly Learning was created by Patti who is a teacher and blogger. She shares very helpful videos where she shows you different DIY’s that will help you come up with new things to add to your classroom. She also shares stories and pictures from her personal experiences as a teacher and mom as well.

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4. Classroom Pinspirations

Classroompinspirations features all kinds of classroom ideas from other teachers. They post ideas several times a day. You will see DIY’s, classroom layouts and so much more when you follow classroompinspirations. There are so many fresh and colorful ideas that are sure to have your classroom looking Instagram ready in no time.

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3. Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers can sell teaching products to other teachers but they also have an Instagram account. You will be able to get inspiration for your classroom from other teachers. They share quotes, crafts, classroom ideas and so much more.

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2. Apples and ABC’s 

Apples and ABC’s was created by Michelle Griffo. She is a teacher and crafter so she has amazing ideas that you are sure to love. She posts simple ideas that you will be able to recreate in your own classroom. She posts organizational solutions as well as crafts that you can do with your students.

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1. Classroom DIY

Classroom DIY is a great account to follow if you need some inspiration for your classroom. They share DIY’s that are quick and simple. They also share many different solutions that will help you organize your classrooms. Classroom DIY has several posts every single day that are sure to inspire you to switch up your classroom and make it a fun and enjoyable environment for your students to learn in.

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