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Childhood Education: What to Eat During Pregnancy for Intelligent Babies

By Rebecca / February 22, 2017

What to eat during pregnancy for intelligent babies is something that more and more parents are considering. As we all know, prenatal nutrition is essential to the development of an unborn baby. Prenatal vitamins, in addition to a good diet, are excellent ways to improve the health of the mother and the child. Prenatal vitamins […]

The Best Kids Toy Storage Ideas

By Rebecca / February 22, 2017

We all love our little ones. But there are times when you know how frustrating it can be to walk into your child’s room and see toys littered all over the floor and the storage container completely empty. Legos are preventing you from tucking your child in at night, and the dolls piled up in […]

The Best Educational Board Games for Kids

By Rebecca / January 26, 2017

The best way for a child to learn is through hands-on experience and fun. Board games are capable of increasing a child’s brain power and skills while being able to spend much-needed quality time with the family.There are several benefits to playing board games: Learn the concept of following the rulesDeal with moral problems and […]

The Best Computer Kits for Kids

By Rebecca / January 26, 2017

Computer kits are an excellent way to begin building your child’s STEM skills. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These are all vital subject areas that play a critical role in your child’s development and future.STEM is a curriculum that is designed to teach your children in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. You […]

The Best Science Toys for Kids

By Rebecca / January 16, 2017

Science and other educational toys allow children to expand their minds and discover their imaginations. Children usually learn better when they can have hands-on experience, their attention is retained and they are engaged when they find their educational experiences to be interesting and enjoyable.Science toys for kids foster an appreciation and love for the concepts […]

The Best Engineering Toys for Kids

By Rebecca / January 16, 2017

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These particular toys are good to help build an engineering skill set for children so that they can learn relevant subject matter for future careers in these types of fields. Engineering toys for children provide them with a fun and educational experience that encourages them to learn […]