The 15 Best Accounts to Follow on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a community of educators that can come together and share their experience and wisdom with millions of their fellow educators. This is a very unique place where teachers can buy and sell teaching resources that they found to be successful in their classroom.

The founder of Teachers pay Teachers discovered that his students were more successful when he used ideas from other teachers but the only teachers that he knew were in his own school. Teachers pay Teachers brings teachers from all across the United States together and that is what makes it such a great place. Be sure to follow all of these great teachers to get products that will help you in your classroom.

Our list highlights 15 of the best teacher accounts that you should follow on the Teachers pay Teachers website. They offer wonderful materials that will be sure to enhance any classroom. Enjoy! 

15. Deanna Jump

Deanna Jump has been a teacher for 20 years and has gathered some of the best materials for kindergarten through first grade. She currently has over 300 products on the teacher pay teachers website. 

We recommend looking at her Digital Math Centers for Kindergarten. This will allow students to learn math while using technology at the same time. This is a very simple activity that you can do with your class and it requires absolutely no prep time. You will be able to print the activity sheets and then use the corresponding PowerPoint slides that are provided. 

14. The Moffatt Girls 

The Moffatt Girls have over 62,000 followers on the website. The creator of this page taught grades 4-6 so she has hands on experience with teaching those grades. She has products that range from grades k-6 and even some homeschooling books as well. There are so many products for many different subjects like language arts, graphic arts, holidays and much more.

The Moffatt Language Arts and Grammar bundle is highly recommended in her shop. This bundle includes so many activities and games that will help your students conquer the second grade. Your students will learn about different verb tenses, adjectives, compound words, contractions and much more. The best part about this package is that it is ready to go and requires no prep time.

13. Deedee Wills 

Deedee Wills is a teacher and curriculum developer. She has been teaching for over 16 years and most of that time has been spent teaching kindergarten. She has over 400 products on her page. A lot of her products are centered around literature, language arts and other english topics as well. You will be able to find fun new ways to get your students interested in reading and writing with these fun and exciting activities.

We recommend taking a look at the Lets Get Organized Classroom Management bundle. This package will be able to keep your classroom organzed. This book is chalked full of charts for daily routines and expectations that will show your students exactly what you expect from them each day.

12. Reagan Tunstall 

Reagan Tunstall is a teacher, educational consultant/speaker and she also spends her time as a curriculum writer. She has won teaching awards from her many years as a teacher. Her products will allow you to engage your students in learning. She offers products for grades K – 12 and even some non-grade specific materials that are good to have. Reagan also offers products that offer helpful tips to teachers. She has over 630 products so you will be sure to find the right materials for your classroom and your unique teaching style.

11. Lovin Lit

Lovin Lit has created a curriculum that uses technology to get students engaged in learning how to read and write. You will be able to reach all kinds of learning styles with these interactive lesson plans. She has products for students of all ages k-5.

We recommend looking at the Interactive Notebook Bundle. These products are good for grade 4 and beyond. This book is full of activities that will get your students involved with learning lit. This package comes with five different interactive notebook ideas including poetry, writing, grammar. Reading literature and reading informational text. This bundle is great for reading teachers for fourth or fifth grade.

10. Rachel Lynette

Rachel Lynette has over 50,000 followers and offers 450 products on her page. She has taught a large range of topics so she has lots of hands on experience in the classroom. She thinks that students should have structure but also freedom to do what they want. She wants her students to want to come to school and enjoy learning while they are in her classroom

We recommend her Back to School Task Cards. This bundle includes 180 cards that will help your students get back into the rhythm of school after summer vacation. They will help teach your students about restating the question, classroom rules and classroom procedures. This would be a great way for you to start the day so that students know exactly what is expected of them.

9. Amy Lemons

Amy Lemons believes that students should be taught the same thing in many different ways. This will help students with all different learning styles be able to learn in their own way. This style of teaching also helps students remember the lessons better. She has taught first, second and fourth grade so she is able to use her experience to help teach those grade levels.

We recommend looking at her Back to School bundle. This bundle is full of activities to get students back into school mode. Your students will get to know each other by playing cooperative games and many other fun activities. This will be a great way to kick off another great year.

8. One Stop Teacher Shop

One Stop Teacher Shop has a lot of hands on experience in the classroom. She has been able to take all of her experiences and turned them into a curriculum that teachers will love to use in their classroom. She knows what teachers need in order to help their students succeed and have fun while learning. She has lots of interactive reading and writing products as well as math.

We recommend looking at the Teacher Binder bundle. This is an editable and customizable binder chalked full of lesson plans that you will be able to add your own flair to. This binder will help you stay organized and keep your lesson plans all in one place. You will receive free updates to this binder for life. As trends in the teaching world change this binder will also change. This is a great resource for all teachers to have.

7. Teaching with a Mountain View

Teaching with a Mountain View believes that students should be curious and ask questions. She centers all of her teaching on her students to make sure that every student learns on an appropriate level. She has experience with third, fourth and fifth grade so many of her products center around those grade levels.

We recommend looking at her back to school math project bundle. This activity book has a road trip theme so that you will be able to keep the summer spirt alive. There are 15 pages that will help your student practice their math skills while they take a math trip across the United States. There are operations, problem solving, following directions, place value, money and decimal problems in this workbook.

6. Teaching with Love and Laughter 

Teaching with Love and Laughter has been a teacher for over two decades. She has taught primary school for all of that time so she has a lot of experience with those grade levels. She has a laid back style of teaching. She teaches with love and laughter everyday so that students respect her and enjoying coming to class every day.

We recommend looking at her Writing Activities bundle. This bundle includes 23 different posters and tons of writing templets to help improve your students writing level. Students will be given a writing prompt to help them start their writing activity and the posters will help inspire them to write. This package is good for kindergarten through third grade.

5. Ashleigh Smith

Ashleigh Smith loves to help other teachers reach their full potential. She is currently a teacher so she knows what helps kids learn. She has products for all ages so you will be able to find the right product to fit your needs. She has tons of materials to help your students learn about reading, writing, and arts and music.

We recommend looking into her All 30 Third Grade Reading Street Workbooks. This product was created to accommodate the 5 day work schedule. You will be able to give your students one of the workbooks on Monday and have them finish it by Friday. Each day students will complete two activities. You could use this as classwork or even homework.

4. Cara Carroll 

Cara Carroll has over 50,000 followers on the website. She was a teacher for over 15 years and she had gain lots of hands on experience during that time. She has taught kindergarten, first and second grade but now she spends her time working with teachers as a teacher consultant. She helps teachers come up with challenging lessons that will also be hands on and fun.

We recommend looking at her Back to school bundle. This bundle is perfect for kindergarten or first grade. Teachers that have not complete their first month of back to school prep will really love this product. There are games and activities for all subjects and these lesson plans will ease students back into school. This bundle is full of great ideas to help you start the school year off right.

3. Runde's Room

Runde’s Room has over 300 items to offer her customers. She has won awards for lesson plans from SMART technologies so she has a lot to offer teachers looking for materials to use in their own classrooms. She incorporates technology in her classroom so she will be able to provide different ways for you to use it in your own classroom as well.

We recommend looking into her interactive math journal. This is the most popular interactive notebook on the teacher pay teachers website. This is a great resource for fourth graders and it will help them improve their math skills immensely. This product includes 38 hands on activities that will get your students involved with learning math. This is a fun way for students to keep track of their progress over the course of a year.

2. Jennifer Findley

Jennifer Findley currently has over 600 products on her page. She has experience teaching intermediate levels but you will find products for all ages in her store. She offers tons of english and literature products as well as math, science, history and many more subjects. Her products will help teachers give students the resources they need to achieve at a high level.

We recommend looking into her third grade weekly reading homework bundle. This will help you plan homework for 36 weeks. There are so many different topics and activities for your students to do. There are fairy tales, character traits, poetry, informational text and many more topics. You will be able to help improve your students reading level by giving them these well thought out homework activities.

1. Tara West 

Tara West is a kindergarten teacher and she also specializes in writing curriculum. She always felt like her students were not getting all of the information that they needed so she decided to come up with her own balanced curriculum. Her products have been tested in the classroom and she knows that you will see results in your very own classroom.

Tara’s KinderReaders bundle is highly rated in her shop. This is a very well thought out program that will help you teach your students how to read. This bundle is full of great ideas and well flash cards and games that will help your students learn to read. You will be able to help your students as they get better at reading because this bundle includes materials for NR (non-readers), AA, A, B, C and D level readers.